Modular Design

Enjoy the best no-code app builder to create a beautiful design for your app

Tailored to each device

AppyNator has got design fully covered from mobile to desktop. Our elements of design perfectly adapt to each screen size for consistent quality on each device, smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Images background management

AppyNator lets you integrate images within your design and display them in the background.

Hover effects on texts

Add a Hover effect on your texts: underlining, brightening or darkening of the font color.

Changing your theme

You can change your theme in one click while maintaining your navigation mode and the overall architecture and content of your project.

Images library

Store images in your personal library in order to easily access them for later use.

Icon and splash screen generation assistant

The AppyNator back office offers a tool to assist you in creating your app icon and launching screen from scratch.

Global Style Tool

Manage your app’s overall style from one, single menu: the color theme, typography, action buttons, hover effects, and other elements. Create your design and apply it to the entirety of your app, in one click. 

Customizable margins

Customize the margins of your project—horizontal for all screens, vertical only for mobile screens display.

Hover effects on images

Add a Hover effect on your images: zoom in, zoom out or opacity.

Style editor

Manage your styles at the global level in order to ensure a coherent design throughout the different views of the app.

Selective image resizing

Images are resized to several ratios, compressed and cached to reach the best weight, performance and display quality combination. Loading times are optimized without jeopardizing display quality.

- Home -

Modular home

The Home section is the first section of your app, it is made up of widgets and completely flexible. With the great variety of widgets available, the Home lets you build your project in a way that makes your app truly unique.

Activate or deactivate

You can choose to activate or deactivate the Home section in your app. If you deactivate it, the navigation will depend solely on the navigation mode you choose. 

77 widgets

With widgets you have unique flexibility to organize your app’s home.

Drag & drop construction

Arranging the different widgets featured on your home is easy. Just drag and drop your widgets where you want them to be.

Other widgets

This category regroups useful widgets such as the search, newsletter, advertisement, or even HTML widgets.

Number of items

The number of elements displayed by a widget can be set up for each widget, in order to allow maximum flexibility to organize your home.

Sorting options

Access a wide range of options for managing the display order of the elements within your content widgets: by date, popularity, alphabetical order, randomly,…

- Header -

Customizable NavBar

The NavBar is a strategic location within your app. Therefore, you have complete control over its design and features. Choose from 3 different height formats (Small, Medium, Big) to display your logo, a title or description.

Adding shortcuts

The NavBar can display up to 6 shortcut links to key sections of your app or external sources.

Automatic arrangement

Based on the number of shortcuts available in the NavBar, the best arrangement will be automatically managed by the app.

Customizable icons

Each link added to your NavBar is assigned an icon. This icon is fully customizable.

Managing shortcuts

Access to the customization of the look and feel of your NavBar shortcuts lets you maintain a coherent user experience throughout your app.

Declinable header per section

A specific header and related NavBar can be set up for each section within your app.

- Navigations mode -

7 customizable navigation modes

Choose the navigation mode of your app from 7 proposed templates. Each menu can be customized up to the very last detail, with an unlimited amount of combinations, to make each project unique.

Little Swipe

Offer vertical navigation where each entry within your app is illustrated by an icon.


The Slate displays your app’s navigation in full screen, each entry is depicted by text.


A key navigation mode for apps with a large number of sections.


A classic, the TabBar is a navigation mode which grants quick access to the most important sections within your app.


The Grid displays your app’s navigation in full screen, each entry is depicted by an icon.

- Customizing the navigation -

Header, Body & Footer

Each navigation menu is made up of 3 distinct parts: the Header, Body and Footer, each fully customizable. Displaying the Header and Footer is not mandatory.

Link to the user profile

Add a direct link to the user’s profile inside your navigation mode. Edit the text, icon and link color.

Customizable link area

Build your navigation menu by adding links to sections within your app.

Logo display

Display your logo inside the header of your navigation mode, by uploading your logo or adding text directly.

Customizable separators

Add separators inside your navigation menu and customize their color and pixel height.

Menu default display

For the Swipe, Little Swipe, Grid and Slate menus select the default status of the menu: always hidden or always displayed when the app launches.

- Menu -

10 intermediary menu templates

AppyNator offers a Menu section to enable multi-level navigation inside your app. You can choose from 10 templates.

Advanced design

Apply gradient or blur effects on images. Adjust the position of the text and the logo choice for your menu entries.

An image for each element

Choose a navigation where each entry of the menu is a high-res image, in order to achieve a perfect design regardless of the screen size your app is being displayed in.

Automatic construction

Based on the number of entries inside your menu, AppyNator will perform an automatic arrangement to be sure an attractive display is always maintained.

- Design resources -

Icons gallery

A collection of more than 1000 icons created specifically by our team of designers and organized into 3 different sets is available in your back office.

Professional themes

The AppyNator back office features 25 professional themes produced by our team of expert designers. Inspired by our mobile-first philosophy, they are designed to perfectly adapt to each device, keeping with the current trends, plus fully customizable.

Pexels library

AppyNator clients can access the Pexels photo library, directly from the back office, with over 500,000 high resolution images.


Customizable icons

Create your own icon collection by uploading your own icons or images, directly from the back office of your project, in .png format, 260px x 260px.

Google Fonts library

AppyNator features a set of more than 400 Google Fonts which can be used directly in the back office, without the need to embed extra code.

Images advanced search

The Pexels library in the AppyNator back office is equipped with an advanced search engine to sort images by theme, keyword or color.

- Sections -

30 different types of sections

AppyNator offers 30 different types of sections which you can use to build your project.

Direct link to share on social media

Add direct sharing links to social media in each content page.

Advanced settings for the information to be displayed

For each section, choose the information to display, such as the date or the author for an Article section.

Progressive page loading

Intuitive gestures allow the user to display extra content, on demand, when visiting a section. This allows for a faster display while improving the user experience.