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Push Notifications

Target users according to their behavior Native Target the users who will receive push notifications according to: the number of times they’ve opened the app in the last 30 days, their app version, or for instance, only target the users who’ve never received a push notification before. Geographical targeting Native Target the users who will


The best workspace ever designed to create your app. https://youtu.be/fsAgOE9TLR8 Add-Ons catalogue The Add-Ons catalogue includes more than 20 advanced features, organized by types of activity. The activation of these extra features is most often free and will enable new features in your back office. Available in 11 languages The AppyNator back office is available


16 field types Build your form by choosing from 16 different types of fields: free text, checkboxes, multiple choice, dropdown menu, date, phone number, file and much more. Customizing the response process Customize the confirmation message, error message, send button text and completion message. Responses management Check form responses directly from the back office, export


Display modes The map section allows for the creation of geolocalized points of interest, which can then be displayed in list or map view. Itineraries function Thanks to the geolocalization of your points of interest, users can create itineraries towards your points of interest with external Map services such as Google Maps or Apple Maps.