Encryption and hosting

You can directly upload videos to AppyNator, it is not necessary to use a third party service. They will be automatically encrypted in several formats to ensure optimal support across platforms.

8 list display templates

Pick a list display template for your videos among 8 customizable templates: list mode, highlighted content, fullscreen and much more.

4 video detail display templates

4 templates are available for the detail pages of your videos: vertical or horizontal toolbar, title position, customize your template.

Video player

AppyNator integrates a customizable video player, supported on the web as well as on mobile. Everything is included.

External player

When you embed a video hosted on a third-party platform inside your app, the video player of the said platform is used. Everything is thoughtfully designed to ensure a smooth experience for your users.

4 display templates for categories

Create categories to filter your video content and choose between 3 display templates for categories: Dropdown, Pager or Circle Band